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We are a fee-only, fiduciary financial planning firm local to Columbus. 

Today there is no shortage of professionals that call themselves "financial advisors," however, there are two characteristics that prospective clients should demand from a true financial advisor:

They are certified financial planners (CFP)
They are a fiduciary, looking out for their clients' best interests first.

rebel Financial is a truly independent financial firm that operates as a fiduciary to its clients. We are fee-only, specializing in financial planning, retirement planning, and investment management. 

What makes rebel Financial different?

Fee-only & fiduciary

We're compensated by clients and not third parties. Your best interests are our priority, always.

State of the art technology

Our team utilizes the most modern technology to optimize and integrate every aspect of your financial plan. 

Local to you

We serve clients nationwide, but we are based in Columbus. We're proud to afford the ability to serve you locally.


We are completely transparent with our pricing. We disclose our fees to help you understand your total costs and accurately judge the value we provide through our services. 

Dedicated to you

Having a small staff gives us the ability to serve you on a completely personalized and individual basis. We are dedicated to providing you with the service that you deserve.

Professional Excellence

Financial plans are carefully made by our experienced certified financial planners (CFPs). Our CFPs each have at least a Bachelor's degree and complete 60 hours of CE each year.

Planning Specialties

We pride ourselves on the ability to serve you locally in each of the following financial areas:

Financial Planning

Special Needs Planning

Retirement Planning

Investment Management

College Planning

Tax Planning & Preparation

Estate Planning

Other Planning Areas

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We take pride in our online reputation and use our client reviews to continuously improve our services. 

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Don't take our word for it. 
See what others have to say. 

Stay updated with rebel Financial's newsletters!

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