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Ongoing Service models

If you want a long-term relationship in which we implement your plan, track your progress over time, and optimally execute your investment strategy, then our ongoing client models may be your best choice.

Simple rebel

This is our main DIY model that primarily utilizes online tools to help clients enter their own goal-based planning scenarios. A financial coach will refine the plan and periodically check your progress. This plan requires no accounts with rebel Financial.


This plan utilizes a more sophisticated platform that enables more in-depth goal-based planning. With this plan, you'll have access to and Support Advisor and two video conference strategy meetings per year.

Silver rebel

Includes simple goal-based financial planning, assignment of an associate financial advisor, a portal to track all of your accounts in one place, professional money management, help with outside accounts, and the ability to collaborate with your advisor at any time. 

Gold rebel

This is our comprehensive plan in which we offer our complete suite of services and assignment to a Lead Financial Advisor. This includes all planning modules, investment management, and discounted legal and tax services.

Don't want to have your accounts with us or want to give us a test drive before hiring us for the long haul? If so, our flat-fee planning models may be for you.

One-Time Retirement Plan Features

Social Security Maximization - We evaluate your benefits, test your options, and recommend your optimal filing strategies.
Expense and cashflow analysis - We'll assist you with organizing and analyzing your expenses and cash flow before and after retirement.
Benefits analysis and optimization - We'll review your employer benefits and identify any opportunities for optimization.
Retirement plan/account analysis and optimization - We'll review your existing accounts and identify any opportunities for optimization.
Major purchase modeling - We'll conduct what-if analyses on any major purchases you're considering to help you strategize your opportunities. 

Optional add-ons

We also offer the option to purchase additional services to add onto your plan, such as executive benefits optimization and "non-traditional" investment transaction modeling. 

Access to an Associate Financial Advisor

With this option, you'll be assigned an advisor with a CFP® designation and at least 5 years of experience. Associate advisors consult our lead financial advisors as needed. You'll have the ability to meet with your advisor up to three times per year.

We will help you to:

Identify your goals

We will provide you with a basic retirement plan that will help you understand your situation, identify your goals, and evaluate your chances of success. 

Find a solution

From there, we will be able to help you find a solution that will work to optimize your resources towards your retirement objectives.

Put the plan into action

Lastly, we will help you to understand how you will actually implement our advice so that you can put your plan into action.

One-Time Financial plan Features

Our Silver and Gold Financial Plans offer the following service features. 

*Service features that differ between the Silver and Gold plans are denoted by an asterisk.

College/Education Planning

We offer one-time college/education planning at a discount with our Silver and Gold Financial Plans. We also offer a college selection and funding plan as a separate one-time plan option.

Major Purchase Planning

Thinking about buying a second home, boat, or a time share? We can help you map out the financial impact of your decision through what-if analyses.

Complex Asset Liquidation Planning

Selling major assets as part of your plan such as real estate, businesses, etc.

Risk Analysis and Survivorship Plan

Testing the plan through stress scenarios to understand and protect against them.

Investment Review & Asset Allocation

We only provide specific security recommendations to ongoing clients.

Tax Planning*

The Gold option offers comprehensive tax planning and 1040 review, whereas the Silver plan offers simple tax planning and recommendations.

Estate Planning*

We will review your estate scenario, model it out for you and make recommendations.

Assignment to a Lead Financial Advisor

Our lead advisors have earned a CFP® designation and at least seven years of experience.

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